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Fairway Residential Lettings is a friendly rentals agency, proudly serving the Medway area.

At Fairway Residential Lettings, we endeavour to make things simple, helping the tenant every step of the way and getting them into a new home. Please find a few of the most common tenant questions answered here.

How much do I need to ‘budget’ for?

To apply for the property you will be asked to complete an application form, produce the required original documentation such as driving licence passport pay slips and bank statements plus pay the administration fee. At this point the property is taken off the market and no further viewings will take place. This allows for the processing of your application including references. In some cases we will require a guarantor who will need to produce the same documents as above plus their proof of home ownership and a recent utility bill.

The deposit is five weeks rent and this is paid together with the first month’s rent three days before you move in. If you have been allowed a pet, additional deposit (dependant on size of property and type of pet) will be required together with a Pet Indemnity. The total deposit is held in the Tenant Deposit Scheme and is not subject to interest payments.

Rents are paid monthly by standing order in advance. The standing order will be set to leave your bank three days before the due date.

Who pays the utilities – are these included in the rent?

Normally the tenant takes over all of the utilities including water and council tax, which are not included in the rent, unless stated otherwise.

What is the letting agent’s role for the tenant?

The agent is employed by the Landlord so the agent will act in their best interest. However professional letting agents will abide by best practice rules that work for both landlord and tenant. Using an A.R.L.A. agent such as Fairway Residential lettings, ensure that you sign a property AST agreement that clearly sets out the responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant. To find out more about the letting agents’ role, continue reading our guide to renting

Who do I deal with – the letting agent or landlord

Fairway Residential Lettings will deal with the property viewings, references and agreements. We manage all of our properties. If the property is ‘managed’ the tenant will normally report any repairs or queries to the letting agent.

Who should arrange and pay for repairs at the property?

Fairway Residential Lettings together with the landlord should arrange any repairs including appliances unless otherwise stipulated. We prefer you to report any repair issues by email on if you do not have access to email you can call us on 01634 856169 leaving a message if the office is closed. However, tenants are responsible for breakages and any damage/dilapidation caused by themselves, their family/pets and any visitors, which would normally be deducted from the deposit if not put right before the end of the tenancy, unless otherwise agreed. A tenant should report repairs and breakages as soon as they occur.

What privacy am I entitled to – when should I expect visits from the landlord or agent?

A tenant’s privacy is respected by gaining prior agreement to inspect a property during the tenancy. As a general guide, whilst you are renting, the letting agent or landlord will always give you 24 hours notice of a visit. This subject is normally addressed in the tenancy agreement.

What type of rental agreement is used?

A six month Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is used for the majority of residential tenancies. This is normally a standard contract between Landlord and Tenant. Contracts are renewed every six months (subject to landlord’s approval) and the current fee is £42 inc vat. We do not offer open-ended periodic tenancies.

Can I stop paying rent if repairs are delayed?

It is a dangerous practice to withhold rental payments for whatever reason because you would be in breach of the tenancy agreement, for which the Landlord could take you to court. Discuss any concerns with the agent. To avoid ambiguity, many letting agents ask tenants to report any requirement for repairs in writing. We prefer you to report any repair issues by email at If you do not have access to email you can call us on 01634 856169. Please leave a message if the office is closed. Letting Agents still have to seek permission to do the repair from the landlord, but we will endeavour to rectify any issues in a timely manner. Any repair involving sanitation, heating or hot water is given priority.

If I want to leave the property can I give notice at any time during the tenancy?

If you leave earlier than the agreed end of tenancy date you will be liable to pay rent until the end of the tenancy. Under the terms of our contract, you must notify us before the end of the 5th month in a six month contract if you do not want to renew again for another six months or it will be presumed that you want to stay on and renew your contract for a further six months.

Does it matter which letting agent I rent through?

To ensure you receive a professional service its best to choose to rent a property via an ARLA Propertymark-approved agent such as Fairway Residential Lettings.

An A.R.L.A. agent works to professional standards that work well for both landlords and tenants: a tenant renting through an A.R.L.A. agent can expect that the landlord will carry out safety checks eg. gas and furnishings. The correct tenancy agreement will be used, ensuring that responsibilities are clearly set down and privacy of the tenant is adequate.

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